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Why buy traction equipment from Harrison Chiropractic Supply?

Our traction harnesses, traction weights, and other traction supplies are economical and made to last. Also see our line of chiropractic wedges, which work together with our traction equipment to provide a complete cervical traction system.

T-1 Supine Traction Harness, here shown with W-8 wedge

T-1 Traction Harness shown with W-8 Wedge

T-2S Supine Traction Harness, here shown with W-9 wedge

T-2S Supine Traction Harness with W-9 Wedge

T-2 Seated Extension Harness

T-2 Seated Extension Traction Harness

Our lead traction weights, shown uncoated

Chiropractic Lead Traction Weights

T-LSB for use with lead shot or sand

T-LSB Traction Lead Shot Bag

T-SB spreader bar

T-SB Spreader Bar


Chiropractic Traction Supplies

Supine Traction Harnesses

Adjustable forehead strap fits everyone. Prescribe for home use. So simple to use...just lie back and slip it on. The sturdy metal clip on the harness makes it easy to change weights. Compare our high quality fabric to others on the market - Ours are made to last!

T-1 > Harness alone - chin and forehead strap. $10.00

T-1E > Harness alone - The T-1E is the economy version of our T-1 harness. It's made with the same sturdy construction, but the material is a lighter, looser-weave fabric and not as smooth. $8.00

T-2S > Harness alone - no pull from the jaw area. Great for patients with TMJ, the T-2S has added forehead and underarms for comfort. $14.00

Use with Wedges, Pillows, or Blocks - Sold Separately
For lead weights and weight bags, see below.

Seated Extension Traction Harnesses

The adjustable forehead straps on our harnesses are designed to fit all patients. We use high quality fabric and sturdy metal clips. We recommend progressing to seated traction only after supine traction is well tolerated.

T-2 > Harness alone - The T-2 has added forehead and underarm padding for comfort and fits small to average sized patients. $15.00

T-2A > Harness alone - This is the economy version of our T-2. It has forehead padding but no underarm padding. $12.00

T-3 > Harness alone - The T-3 is designed for larger patients. This harness is 10" longer than the T-2. Padded forehead and underarms for comfort. $16.00

Traction Weights

Our one-piece round lead weights clip easily onto our traction harnesses


TW-2 >

2 lb


TW-3 >

3 lb


TW-5 >

5 lb


TW-7 >

7 lb


TW-10 >

10 lb



TW-2P >

2 lb


TW-3P >

3 lb


TW-5P >

5 lb


TW-7P >

7 lb


TW-10P >

10 lb


T-LSB > Traction Lead Shot Bag - 8" L x 8" W. The T-LSB can hold up to 15 lbs of lead shot or approximately 5 lbs of sand. Comes with plastic bag liner. Our bags are made to last. You purchase lead shot or sand locally. $9.50

In-Office Two-Directional Cervical Traction

Designed by Glenn R. Harrison BA, DC, FICA

Material Needed
(Protocol for two-directional traction of the cervical spine will be sent with your order)
For one self constructed, in-office, two-directional traction set-up you will need:

1. T-2DB > This two-directional back pull harness pulls from the forehead, not from the jaw area. The T-2DB is excellent for use with TMJ patients, and it has thick padding for the underarm area. $26.00

2. T-2DF > The T-2DF is our two-directional forward pull harness, with a padded neck area. It goes behind your patient's neck and pulls forward. A D-ring on each end attaches to a snap hook. $11.00

3. T-ODH > Standard over-door traction head halter, white. $11.00

4. T-SB > Metal spreader bar. $7.00

5. T-BB > Chair back board 15" x 20" x 1" thick. Padded with vinyl cover, your choice of black, dark blue, or gray. May also be used as an anterior thoracic adjusting pad for your adjusting table. $50.00 Please note: T-BB is a special order item. Please allow up to two weeks before shipment.

6. TW-10 > Four ten-pound weights. $32.50 each

7. TW-7 > Two seven-pound weights. $22.75 each

8. TW-5 > Two five-pound weights. $16.25 each

9. TW-3 > Two three-pound weights. $9.75 each

10. The following items are available at any hardware store:

- Nylon cord (1/8" diameter is good)
- 10 eye screws
- 2 open eye screws to hang weights on
- 6 snap hooks (must be large and durable so they can hold 30 lb or more)
- 3 quick links (approximately 1" long)
- 2 pulleys

11. You will also need:

- 1 straight back chair
- 1 plastic floor mat to protect carpet

Example photos, click to enlarge:

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Feel free to browse our online catalog. Then, when you're ready to order, give us a call at 1.800.525.6634 or 253.735.5139. If you're new to us, we'll quickly set up an account for you and process your order. We answer calls between 9am and 1pm Pacific Time, excluding weekends and holidays, but feel free to leave your order or questions on our voicemail. We will process your order on the next business day, and we'll call you back if we need any more information.